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Feb 20, 2019

"The biggest mistake at CFO level is not focusing on the boring stuff, the stuff that their finance team's getting frustrated by, that's making things inefficient".

Andy Carfax became a qualified CMA over two decades ago and previously headed up KPMG's technical EPM delivery team. He now specialises in Enterprise Performance Management as MD of LucaNet UK which provides software that enables Group Consolidated Reporting. Andy talks to Kyle Hannan (AICPA & CIMA, UK) about how CFOs can optimise processes to help mid-tier companies rise above the 'spreadsheet trap'.



Andy Carfax is the author of several White Papers such as “Report visualisation: From Concept to Deployment” and “From Spreadsheets to Systems”. As a consultant, he has worked for Paramount, Shell, and many other well-known names. He specialises in Enterprise Performance Management with a focus on Consolidated Reporting, Finance & Operational Planning, and Business Intelligence.



  • the 'Excel trap' (other brands of spreadsheets are available).
  • how companies make the mistake of spending longer producing than analysing.
  • the origins of the misconceptions that they need to spend millions on innovative solutions to their challenges.
  • how "the niche has become the norm".
  • reducing the potential for a CFO's biggest mistake.
  • how finance and accounting professionals are well-suited to the new ICT-heavy demands of the work they do.




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